The things we do, we do with love💚.

We started Pogi's Pet Supplies because we wanted to provide only the best for him while staying true to our earth-friendly values. We do this for Pogi and all the pups, cats, and furry loved ones that make our world a happier place by sourcing high-quality, sustainable materials that work great and keep our environment clean.

Pogi loves long walks around the block, playtime at the local dog park, and weekend strolls through the city. We love being able to pick up 💩 after him with Pogi's durable, earth-friendly poop bags.

Sometimes, you'll find Pogi rolling around in the grass on a warm summer's day ☀️🐾. Keeping him fresh between baths is easy with Pogi's plant-based grooming wipes.

Pogi brings so much joy into our lives, but even he's had an accident or two in his puppy days 💧. No need to fret, our leak-proof training pads quickly absorb any mess, while reducing our carbon paw-print.

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