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Pogi's Plant-Based Pet Training Pads

Pogi's Plant-Based Pet Training Pads

Dreaming about pee pads that don't create more of a mess? Enter Pogi's!


    Training pads should prevent messes, not create more. Pogi's Training Pads were designed to solve all your potty training problems. Honey-based attractant helps your pet mark the spot without missing, while our sustainable fluff-pulp quickly absorbs liquid neutralizes odors. Optional adhesives keep pads in place on hard floors and tiles, so that your pup can focus on the task at hand.


    • Leak-proof lining is made of plant-based renewable materials.
    • Pogi’s soft, absorbent top-sheet is made from renewable bamboo fiber.
    • 6-layer quilted protection
    • Pads come in 3 sizes and measure 18 x 24, 24 x 24, or 24 x 35 inches 
    • Perfect for small, medium, and large sized dogs
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      how the magic happens:

      Pogi's training pads are perfect for puppies and small to medium sized dogs. They’re also ideal for aging dogs, and dogs without outdoor access.

      We proudly use natural components to reduce waste. Pogi’s soft, absorbent top-sheet is made from renewable bamboo fiber. Our leak-proof liner is made from plant-based materials - the absorbent fluff-pulp is harvested from certified sustainable pine; and even our packaging is plant-based, because details matter.

      Soft, absorbent bamboo-based top sheet
      Honey-based Attractant
      Absorbent, sustainable fluff pulp
      Super quick drying gel
      Leak-proof, plant-based liner

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 375 reviews
      Love these

      These work so well for my cat, who has mobility issues and difficulty in the litter box. I appreciate that they are more environmentally friendly than most brands, and I love the sticky corners. These are helpful because, well, he's a cat and he likes to scratch - the corners keep the pads in place and the mess at a minimum.

      Alina Strutt
      Gunia pig

      We use them for gunia pig to line her toilet/hay tray and it is amazing! No more smell! No more gunia pig wet in urine! Keeps the hay dry! Prevents sores on feet!

      I started to line under her cover and also near her food bowls as she spends a long time and doesn’t always bother to go to her toilet! I cut them up if I need to line a smaller space to prevent waste.

      The reason for using them is because they are eco friendly! Even if they were crap we would still buy them because we are trying to reduce plastic! But they are incredible!!!! Other businesses need to follow their suit! Keep going guys and thank you so much to enable us to keep our pets and to enable our pets to contribute positively to the planet.

      Our food collection service were skeptical and didn’t empty our food waste bins but I wrote and stuck a note on the brown bin explaining that they are compostable. No trouble since!

      Lauren Vickers
      Perfect for my two bunnies

      I found this product online as I didn't want to contribute to the already full landfills, so was delighted to find they were compostable.
      They are perfect for lining my two bunnies litter boxes.
      And I feel they maybe safer for them as they're not synthetic. (But dont quote me on that, just my belief) :)
      So delighted to continue to us them. ❤

      They’re great and customer service was awesome!

      Thank you so much for creating such eco-friendly products.Our tiny 15yo yorkie is loving the plant-based training pads.She was using a different brand prior to switching to Pogi’s and had some severe/adverse reaction due to possible toxic chemicals. With Pogi’s she seems to be doing better. Also, Ashley from customer service is a total gem! She’s been so responsive and wonderful with all our inquiries!! Terrific experience all around! Thank you! Here’s a pic of our happy furbaby.

      MARY B.
      Perfect Litter Box Liner

      I have house rabbits, & use these pads to line their litter boxes, with aspen shavings as litter. The pads are very absorbent, great for odor control, & clean up is easy-just roll up & toss the soiled pad & litter, no need to scrub litter boxes.

      Adrian Flyn
      More eco-friendly than others

      They work great. I like them a lot. The more eco-friendly, the better. These seem like a bit of a better alternative to plastic. My dogs are very old and incontinent.

      Peace feline
      Doesn’t leak!!!

      I bought these specifically to use in front of a litter box because one of my cats keeps urinating out the front of the box. Others that I have purchased for “human” use leaked so badly they were almost worse than having nothing there. These pads are the bomb! They are thick and don’t leak at all. I was worried that the “honey” attractant might attract ants but they haven’t so far. I will definitely buy these again.

      paul heusser
      Biodegradable puppy pads

      Wow, these are huge, and work a treat. I've subscribed to a different brand but I'm seriously considering changing to this brand as they're biodegradable.
      I find The best way to use these is place one upside down on the floor, then put another right side up directly on top. This way, when your dog wees on the edge, and misses a bit, it won't spread all over the floor, the upside down pad will soak up any mistakes. Rotate the pad too, trust me when it comes to cleaning up, it's a lot easier and way less messy.

      G R E A T ! ! !

      Love these!

      Great quality, no drip tech, stickers to fix to floor

      Great quality and sticks to the floor with the double doses stickers. Great !