Pogi’s Earth-Friendly Poop Bags +2 Dispensers

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    Earth-Friendly and made with EPI Technology
    Cardboard cores and packaging are made from 100% recyclable materials
    Extra-large bags measure 9 x 13.5 inches
    Available in unscented or a powder-fresh scent
    50 Rolls (750 Bags) is an approximate 9-month supply



    First and foremost, a poop bag needs to get the job done. Pogi's Poop Bags are extra-large, sturdy, and leak-proof so you never have to worry about clean-up getting messy, even with larger breeds. Made with EPI technology, our popular bags get bonus points for lessening your carbon pawprint. They're earth-friendly and dog-friendly—the best of both worlds.


    Extra Thick



    Customer Reviews

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    Pogi’s Earth-Friendly Poop Bags +2 Dispensers

    Smelly Good Bags

    Pogi's bags are the Best -- Not only are they freshly scented, but over the course of 3,000+ bags, we've never had one break, or burst a seam (like some others, not mentioning any names) I'd say our dogs love them, but that just wouldn't be believable. Thanks Pogi!

    Excellent product

    A friend recommended these bags & their holder which attaches to a lead or bag. They arrived very quickly, have a lovely scent and the dispenser is very useful when you're out and about clearing up your dog's mess.

    Large, Biodegradable, scented, Leakproof Dog Poop bags. Perfect.

    I’ve only ever used Pogi’s poop bags for my dog and would not use any other. They are a good size. Nicely scented. Once the poop is enclosed and bag tied there is no odor. The bags are durable and I’ve never had a bag split or puncture, thankfully. The bone dispenser / bag holder bag is perfect and stylish.

    Highly recommended Poop Bags

    It's hard to be passionate about a poop bag but this brand is worth the review I'm putting up. Well presented and overall well made. I like the dispenser as it really solid and tough. You are able to see how much left visually. The bags are very very good. Not the easiest want to pry open but is well labelled. Quality is good, it is long enough that it goes past my wrist. Price point = worth it. I will be ordering this again. It's also very environmentally friendly so helping to do my bit for the neighbourhood and a hug for the planet! Love it, great product and comes highly recommended.

    Free Shipping

    Always Earth-Friendly

    Strong & Leak-Proof