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Pogi's Poop Bag Dispenser - Includes 1 Roll (15 Bags)

Pogi's Poop Bag Dispenser - Includes 1 Roll (15 Bags)

First and foremost, a poop bag dispenser needs to get the job done. Enter Pogi's!



Designed to securely attach to your leash with a metal carabiner clip, it features an easy-access slot that allows you to pull out the bags one at a time, and the screw cap makes for easy refills when you run out. Plus, it comes with 15 scented waste bags to get you started, which offer a fresh powder scent to mask what’s inside.


  • Handy poop bag dispenser easily attaches to your leash or belt with a metal carabiner clip or Velcro strap.
  • Extra-large bags are leak-proof and thick to accommodate even the largest of dogs.
  • Earth-Friendly
  • Extra-large bags measure 9 x 13.5 inches
  • Includes 15 scented waste bags
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how the magic happens:

Pogi's Poop Bags are made big enough for even the largest of dogs, and thick enough to ensure there are no messes.

Pogi's rolls fit perfectly in our Dispensers. Or, if you already have your own, our rolls are made to fit all standard sizes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1523 reviews
Does what it is intended for.

Exactly as pictured and the waste bag holder is very durable

Mia Guillot
Cute and worth it, so cheap!

It’s a poop bag holder! It works wonderful for this task. I enjoy the metal clasp it came with, sometimes we’ll just clip it to our pant loop when walking the dog. But mostly it stay attach to her leash. Super cheap and super worth it to just have the bags with you on the walk

Laura C.
Hands-down worth the buy

I really like this dog poop bag holder. I think my favorite part is the simple fact that the clip that you’re supposed to clip to the leash is an actual nice clip. I have had other poop bag holder’s and the actual thing that connects the holder to the leash usually is a Velcro. This does come with a piece of Velcro that you can use but what I really liked about it was that it had the clip. Usually the Velcro’s after a while will wear out but because there was this clip option it was much better

great quality

Better then instore and less expensive. Would highly recommend

tamara Gonzalez
Go with this one!

I loved it, it's sturdy, it's neat, cool and smelling good even tho idk who would be smelling it but it's cool and definitely worth it. Better than some of overpriced others that don't even smell.

Best dispenser design!

I've tried several dispensers and this is the best. It screws on so it stays, the clip doesn't get in the way. Bags easily go in. The clip is a little small. You can see in the picture. I use my own, but the clip does work. Love it!

I *WILL* be subscribing for monthly delivery

Great bags! Tough, large enough, light smell, EASY TO OPEN (Thank you!), post-consumer cardboard core (instead of plastic).

Dispenser is slightly (sliiiiightly) textured and easy to grip (won't slip in your hand while using it).

Carabiners, for me, tend to hook open and hook part of the leash if it twists up, so here's a tip: use a key ring! The metal loop keeps the dispenser parallel to the ground and it won't fall off.

For reference: I have a 7 year old, 60 lbs, American Staffordshire Terrier (Amstaff) - they bags 'accommodate' her waste (think around the size of an orange or softball, depending) and with length left no protect your hand and tie easily (I can do it with one hand).

Barbara B
Five Stars

Excellent quality and stylish design at a great price! Our Australian Labradoodle, Chloe Elizabeth, loves her new accessories!

Happily caffeinated
Five Stars

Great toy, loved it.

Denise H
This product is great. My dog (Tre) &I just took a trip ...

This product is great. My dog (Tre) &I just took a trip to California and u just attached it to his carrier .very easy to get to when the tune cane for his walk